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The Island of Bioko was discovered by Portugal by the sailor Fernando Poó in 1472, it was ceded to Spain by the agreement of S. Ildefonso and El Pardo in 1777, later in 1820 the English established several bases from where they controlled the Gulf of Guinea, It was in 1854 when Spain was established continuously, until October 12, 1968, when Equatorial Guinea acquired its Independence.



Island of volcanic origin, with a soil rich in basalts and very well drained, making it suitable for any tropical crop.

The productive activity of the Island has been fundamentally agrarian, highlighting the production of cocoa, as well as coffee, palm oil, abaca, banana, plantain, yam, taro, the arrival of cocoa comes through the first Portuguese missionaries around 1750, cocoa that came from the Islands of Sao Tomé and Príncipe.



The productive activity of our company focuses on on Bioko Island, beginning our activities in 1906 with the production and export of cocoa, which  It has been and is our fundamental activity throughout the Island.

Since 2000 we have started other complementary activities, such as Gardening, where we provide services, garden establishments and maintenance, and we also have a large tropical plant nursery.

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